Over the years, I see many people buying new cars and expecting the best deal…but do you really find it? Friends and others I have known have bought used and new cars before, which is better for you though? Well, I’ve found a used car is better in the long run, seeing how I bought my 1986 Fiero off Ebay over four years ago for a mere $520.00 and have not even put $1,000 in repairs. Most of the money I placed into fixing it was basic things that wear down after 20 years.

My insurance runs $53 a month, my plate is only $32 each year and I have no payments for the car to pay since I own it. My mother has a 2003 Saturn and she pays $300+ for her plate each year, insurance is super expensive. I asked her many times why she cursed herself with the newer car when she had it made in 2003. She now has no warranty to replace anything when it breaks down. I’d hate to see the bills for repairs on her car.

In this article, I will tell you why I think used cars are better to buy.

The comparisons are easy and simple:


1) Costs you less to actually own it if you buy it at once

2) Insurance is lower than new cars

3) License plates are cheaper

4) No monthly payments or over six years to own your vehicle

5) Only money used after is for basic repairs, wear you put on it or even custom work

6) Older vehicles don’t have the sophisticated computer, electronic gizmos that are very expensive to fix in newer models

7) Replacement parts are easier to find at Auto Zone, Advance Autos etc. And won’t run an arm and a leg to buy

8) Many older cars are safer from collisions with real metals that were used

If you seriously do the math on this, a new car is a financial burden most people could live without. Why pay five or six years for a car that can be taken from you if you miss a payment? Granted, you get a warranty for repairs…but it’s usually for a year policy, then what? Once it breaks down without a warranty not only are you paying for the monthly bill to own it eventually, but you also have to pay for repairs. That can break most incomes or you place it on the charge card to pay off later.


1) You don’t own the car, the dealership does until they are paid off

2) Insurance is higher

3) Plates are higher

4) You pay for years (average 4 to 6 years) to own it unless you’re rich enough to buy at once

5) Once your warranty is over, you have to pay for repairs as well as your monthly payments

6) Maintenance is more expensive on foreign vehicles, imports and specialty cars (Saturn / Mitsubishi / BMW / etc)

7) Parts are usually only available through the dealers making it very expensive to fix your car

8) Many new cars are fiberglass or too many plastic parts not protecting the passengers as well

Many argue that “older” cars have too many breakdowns or miles, yet newer cars will keep you in debt or you will work your job just to have this car. You can find good used cars in your local paper or as I did on Ebay. With Ebay, you have security from the seller and buyer protection as well. Review over the good and bad above, then think about the money lost over six years compared to a few hundred to maybe a thousand after buying an older model car. So, if you’re in the market for a new or used car, ask yourself:

“Is a new car really worth your money?” Or would you rather save yourself money by getting an older one and having income saved to fix it? The best bet is to buy an older one, save up money for things you actually want to have in life…opposed to just working for your car. Myself, I make my car work for me. How about you?