Driving is a privilege and not a right. Teenagers may think they know all there is to know about the laws of driving, but they are mistaken. How do I know? I was a teenager back in the day and new to driving. Teenagers who are often new to driving, feel invisible, to the laws of driving. The million dollar question is how much auto insurance coverage is required for new drivers?

To better answer the question, we must be equipped with the information before proceeding further. Statistics show every year five thousand teens die in car crashes. The injury rate among teens in car crashes are more than two hundred thousands. These facts are realistic and need to be addressed when seeking auto insurance for a new driver. Research is a vital task deciding upon the right coverage for a new driver.

New drivers lack the driving experience. Even if they have completed driving school. Driving school doesn’t properly prepare a new driver for the unsuspecting circumstances that could occur while driving. What can occur on the roads that driving school possibly cannot prepare new drivers for?


The excess of speed is a known factor in car crashes of new drivers. The aderaline of speed lures new drivers into reckless driving.


Talking or texting while driving leaves drivers unattenative to what is going on in front of them. Many new drivers pay more attention to a phone than to driving.


New drivers need to be aware of other drivers. Some drivers on the road simply do not care how their “bad” driving skills affect themselves or others. For example; not properly using turn signals, or pulling out in front of others.

These are just some factors that should be considered when deciding how much coverage is needed. Most or all insurance companies offer customers discounts. The discounts range in a variety of options. For example; good grades, or no accidents discount.

A new driver needs to be fully covered. Why? The driver is unexperienced on the roads to handle all aspects of driving. Small accidents can become big ones. You never know what can happen behind the wheel. Full coverage helps protect drivers from a lot of mishaps. With any new driver, remember to consider all the possibilities that could happen.

The final decision

Coverage needs to have the mentioned factors taken into consideration. Full coverage is your best option for new drivers. Drivers who are new to driving are not aware of how other drivers are on the road. You can never be too sure of things.

From one driver to the next, full coverage is the way to go. The last factor to take into consideration is the age of the vehicle. Some companies will not give you full coverage on an older vehicle.

Whatever the circumstances maybe, the most coverage is allowed for the new driver, than that is what is needed. Don’t let the new driver fool you, they need all the coverage they can receive.